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Brand New Game: Mystery Puzzle Box in the Works

We are cooking something brand new in our game studio along side O'Racing Cars. Mystery Puzzle Box  is a Single player Game with Facebook sync. Beat the time and fix the scattered puzzle correctly on every level,  in order  to  win a Mystery Box which contains exciting goodies that will wow you,  most especially CASH GIFTS ! Coming to Android and IOS.

The Stakes are higher in Coins Slot Machine

Hello Coins Slot Machine players, we just raised the stakes higher on the amount you can win when you play the game with the same amount you pay when you place bets, plus we increased the chances of a winner emerging. You can now win $100 with $1 $200 with $2 $400 with $4 $5000 with $5 $6000 with $6 $7000 with $7 $10,000 with $9 $100,000 with $10 Play or Download Coins Slot Machine now via Facebook , Web , and  Android

O’Racing Cars is Undergoing Development

We have started the development of O’Racing betting game. For new comers on our blog, we’ll explain what O’Racing is all about, keep calm. LOL. O’Racing is a 3D car racing multi-player game, where players place bets to race against each other, where ever they may be around the world, in order to win cash rewards,. It’s going to be a dream come true for street car racers, sure it will, at least no one will get arrested by the cops for illegal racing. LOL. Players will have the choice to choose any of our categories of races, which includes; 2 – Aside Race: This includes two cars, where only one player MUST come 1st position in the race, in order to win cash. 6 -Aside Race: This includes six cars, where three players MUST come 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position in the race, in order to win cash. 10 – Aside Race: This includes ten cars, where five players MUST come 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th position in the race, in order to win cash. Whichever race the player wants, the higher

Coins Slot Machine Demo Version now Available on Google Play Store and Amazon App Store

We have launched Coins Slot Machine Demo Version on Google Play and Amazon App Store respectively. Players that want to try our game without placing bets can now do so. We are currently working on launching it on Apple Store for IOS devices, please bear with us. Below are links to the game to both App Stores; Google Play Store Amazon App Store

Coins Slot Machine is LIVE!

Hurray!!!!!!! We have finally launched Coins Slot machine. Let me start by introducing you to what Coins Slot Machine is all about. Coins Slot Machine is a mobile Betting game on Android, IOS, Windows Mobile, and Facebook Games. Where players place bets from as little as $1 up to $100, and stand the chance to win $100 to $10,000, when they win the slot machine game. There are two options of game play, players can choose from, and they include; The Live Game and The Demo Game. The Live Game: This is the game intended for players who intend to win cash. Players ought to buy Live Coins from the game store, via PayPal. Afterwards, the Live coins will be used to place bets in the Live game, and if a player wins the game rule, he automatically wins the bet he has paid for. The Demo Game: This is the game intended for players who do not intend to win cash, or those players who wants to practice before placing Live bets. Players ought to spin a chart every 20