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A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!

REQUIRED DOWNLOADS / SCATTERED / CONFIG FILES Winrar for Windows 32Bit & 64 Bit (it is mandatory for extraction of the files you will be downloading.) Download latest java runtime environment  (it is mandatory in=f you don’t have it installed on your pc You must install this if you want your recharge tool to work perfectly) Download all the complete latest software  here FlashTool_v5.1308.00  (it is mandatory in for all) Download Azsky recharge tool v3.06:  Recharge Tool V3.06.rar (32.51MB)  (Azsky recharge tool is compulsory for all) For those who are using azsky xman and G1 download:  G1_gb20_20141113_new_release_V1.rar(1.21MB)  (Note: if you are using the very older version of azsky G2, then you will use G1 software to flash your G2) If you are using azsky G1+, azsky G6 or the latest version of Azsky G2, please download this:  G1+_20141113_50m_new_release_V2.rar(1.4MB) Then If you are using G1 Super download this software:  G1Super_20141113_m3_release_V1.rar(1.20MB) Important no