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Current status of Azsky

Current Status & Performance of Azsky

Azsky continues working with appreciable stability and very fast response time between channels changes. Azsky also has amazing recovery time when it freezes. Azsky team is also aware of the few channels like ss1, maction, Telem, Islam, El tv. that are currently offline this will be resolved very soon. For lovers of Africa Magic Yoruba, you may notice that Yoruba freezes more often on azsky than other channels. This is also the case on tv1 in fact the freezing of Yoruba on azsky is lesser than that of tv1. The only product which offer Africa magic Yoruba at a ultra stable rate is Qsat.
For you to have any chance of using your azsky dongle to decrypt dst* premium channels, you must have renewed the account with latest azsky recharge codes that was produced on or after October 15 2014. In other words if your azsky has not been working after October 2014, it means you must renew your azsky dongle.
Azksky generally work best with etisalat sim card in Nigeria. Other Africa countries, you can detect the best sim card for azsky in your country.
If you are a starter and you want to join azsky, read this article
Azsky is working and still as atable as ever.. if yours is not working and you have renewed your account, please change your sim card or check your airtime / data bundle.
Learn more about azsky performance here

As at two days ago, qsat has been working fine with amazing stability. Also, the ss3ni and ss5ni that were hitherto scrambled are now showing. Qsat also opens Yoruba more steadily than any other. there are some channels missing on qsat like amfam, amurban and french channels. read along for more hints.
I can’t tell if some qsat codes are offline all i know is that as at the time of posting this, qsat server is online, am using code 44, i confirmed code 45 and 47 too to be online. For you to ascertain that your own qsat is offline from qsat server as against local problem, do the followings: make sure you have upgraded your decoder to the latest qsat software downloaded here. that software is v6.11.20. Secondly, make sure you are not using etisalat Nigeria sim card, use mtn, glo or airtel. Thirdly make sure you have also changed your different internet protocols e.g, if you were initially using GPRS, you can switch to 3G, WIFI or LAN. Finally, make sure you goto setting>>xcam setup>>ok button>> red or green button>> wait for the message> if you receive “cannot connect to server message, it means you need to change your internet connection and try again>> if you however got your avatarcam code and its expiry date, it means you must be able to watch scrambled dst* channels. If you do everything and still cannot either get your qsat connected to server, it means maybe your code is off from qsat server in which case only qsat can solve your issue.
Qsat team are prepared to release qsat Q26 which is designed to open both canalsat channels and dst* channels out of the box. The decoder will probably be released this January.
Qsat users should beware of etisalat sim card in Nigeria because etisalat has been confirmed not to be working with qsat avatarcam account.
qsat is currently very stable on the channels that are opening on it.
As from this January, qsat team will stop selling one year accounts. they will start selling six months account like azsky.

IT is such a shame that aone star cccam account cannot compete at the same level with tv1 cccam. currently I mean since yesterday aone has been off totally(they claimed they are fixing somethings). Before Aone went off yesterday, it has been freezing annoyingly for the past 8 days. Currently, Aone cccam account performance is pathetic while Tv1 has succeeded in addressing the instability problems that plagued them some weeks back. Tv1 is working fine wheel Aone is currently totally offline. We pray Aone comes back without freezing besides, TV1 still opens most channels on dst* frequency up till this minute there is hardly any channels tv1 cccam account is not opening.

Most times when tv1 is on, A+ will also be on. I was told tv1 server powered A+ but one thung is for sure, A+ cannot be on par with tv1 let alone outperforming it. Be that as it may, What I personally find very annoying is the problems encountered when trying to load A+ accounts. You can buy 10 pieces of A+ accounts 6 pieces will be loaded while the remaining 4 pieces will be telling you that “Multiple registrations not allowed” even when you have not loaded this accounts. If you buy from untrusted sources, that the end of your money, but if you buy from trusted sources, then along the line, you may receive replacements. The major problem is that, they don’t replace this accounts on time which can cause bad blood between buyers and sellers of A+ Accounts. For this very reason, i have stopped selling A+ accounts since three weeks ago. Until they fix this problem permanently.


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