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Qsat Q26g Decoder Comes With Two Server For Dst* & Canal – Now Available January 10, 2015

Welcome to another iks decoder review. In this article i shall be walking you through what to expect when you buy the newly released qsat decoder code-named qsat q26g. On the lighter-side, qsat is currently working smoothly with amazing stability and it has started opening super sports channels as against ssn channels it was opening some weeks back. You can ask yur local satellite installer for the price. And if you would rather get one through me, you can always contact me through my email info @ then we will mutually reach an agreement on how to go about it. Let me quickly add this, if you already own a speed hd s1 decoder, it could be surplus to requirement if you go ahead and buy qsat q26g. The reason is because speed hd s1 (when upgraded) has the capability of running avatarcam code which means, the only difference is that q26g can run speedcam and avatarcam accounts out of the box while speed hd s1 can run both accounts after upgrade.

The bottom line is that, qsat q26g is the first decoder to open dst* channels and canalsat channels out of the box. Once you buy it, you will enjoy two accounts one six months each which will open dst* channels and canalsat channels.
Qsat Q26G doesn’t open HD channels
It doesn’t come with one year account, it comes with two accounts of six months duration each
Don’t expect the canalsat server to be as stable as dst* server
Don’t expect the canalsat server in q26g to outperform that of speed hd s1 because they are the same
There is no overhaul, just added account and model name change. It is more or less the same features as q23g
Also, like every other dongel, dont expect that q26g will never freeze or go off. It will go off whenever other previous models of qsat like q11g, q23g go offline.

This qsat decoder is more suited for those people who are new into dongle or those who have a damaged qsat and want to buy another one. since this decoder is capable of opening two separate satellites(that is dstv and canalsat) it means you need at least two small dishes or one big motorized dish if you want to enjoy the two servers preloaded on qsat q26g. the pictures within this article will help you to recognize qsat q26g when you see it.


Main Features

1. Accounts embeded, make channels to open free for 6 months

35.9°E / 36.0E : Many DSTV programs no HD channels on Dst*
22.0°W : Canalsat all canalsat channels including the HD Channels on Canalsat
19.2°E : Astra — this is not confirmed
Nilesat : JSC and other channels – this is not confirmed as well

2. IKS through GPRS(need no external dongle) or 3G networking .

3. Support cccam,newcam,avatarcam.


² HD OUT*1

² USB 2.0 *2

² ETHERNET*1 (10/100Mbit)


² CA card slot *1

² SIM slot *1

² RS232*1

Internet Application

² Support YouTube, YouPorn and Redtube.

² Support N32 Game.

² Support Yupoo,Picasa

² Support Google map

² Support Yahoo Weather.

By lemmy


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